KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape Career Guidance Sessions

KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape Career Guidance Sessions

The Services SETA conducted week-long career guidance sessions in KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. Spearheaded by the strategic partnerships department, these sessions aimed to inform TVET college lecturers about the latest developments in the services sector. Many topics were covered throughout the sessions, including new occupational qualifications, lecturer bursaries, and work-integrated learning. Esayidi and Ingwe TVET colleges hosted the sessions.


Some of the new occupational qualifications in the funeral services subsector are funeral director, mortician, and embalmer. A mortician works with the bereaved and oversees the burial process, while an embalmer uses chemicals to prevent a dead body from decaying. Mr. Andile Sipengane, executive manager, of strategic partnership, further elaborates on embalming  “We are living in a world where we must be on par with the global provision of skills development. This embalmer qualification was developed, it was taken from America, making it the first of its kind in South Africa.”


The occupational qualifications are not only for students but also for lectures. Therefore, lecturers are encouraged to apply for bursaries once the application window is open.

Some of the lectures had these to say about the sessions:


“The session was very fruitful, and we got a lot of information because we were not sure about what occupational qualifications entail, but we are not clear” TG Hlophe, Esayidi TVET College Enyenyezi Campus


“There is a lot that one learned, particularly the skills that could be offered on our campus for students. Also, the information about bursaries will assist us a lot for career development” Mxolisi Sipheka, Esayidi TVET College, Gamalakhe Campus


“Very informative, makes us think about what we need to study in the future for our careers development” Nereshnee Govender, Esayidi TVET College, Port Shepstone Campus


On the other hand, TVET colleges are encouraged to submit their graduate database for work-integrated learning programmes. Mr. Sipengane explains further “We are looking at your graduates’ output, and we are saying how do we support them to be linked to industry placement because they must be exposed into the world of work to gain exposure so that they become more employable”


For more information on occupational qualifications, simply click here.

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